April, May, June 1915

1st April. Up at 7.30 and breakfast at 9am. Quite a sunny day and sun lovely. Aeroplanes very active all day. Went to Ballieul at 6pm with Q.M.S.-went in the service in the R.C. Church. Returned home about 9.Received soap from home and letter. Bed 10.
2nd April. Up at 7& breakfast at 8.30.-lovely morn. Guns very quiet all round. Enjoyed a bun to celebrate the occasion. Wagons loaded after tea for morning. Bed at 9.30.
3rd April. Up at 7 and breakfast at 8.Dinner at 11.30.Marched off at 12.30. Passed through Dranoutre and arrived at Locre  4.pm. Slept in barn-bed 11pm.3rd-april
4th April. Easter Sunday. Up at 7-breakfast at 8.30. Billeted with the Royal Welsh Rgt. Our Battalion left billets at 9.30 pm for the trenches-relieved the Monmouths. Winston Churchill visited Bailleul. Bed at 10.30.huts
5th April. Up at 7am-breakfast at 8.30. More rain today-usual duties. Bed 10pm. Heavy gun and rifle fire all night.messine-1
6th April. Up at 7& breakfast at 8.30.Raining almost all day-usual duties-cigs from Langwith. Bed 10.30 still raining.
7th April. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 9.Lovely morning but commenced to rain after dinner-grand after tea. -received parcel from Insie and sisters and letter from wife (pipe,2 cakes, dates, cafe au lait, tobacco & cigs) bed at 10pm.
8th April. Up at 7& breakfast at 8.30.Nothing unusual & our Battn. not returning from trenches as the Welsh Regt had not moved off from hut. Walked to Danoutre. Bed 9.30.
9th April. Up at 6.30& breakfast at 9.20.Billeting party took over 5th Lincs billets at Danoutre in afternoon. Watched Eng. aeroplanes being shelled whilst scouting over German lines but returned safely. Our Batt. leaving trenches at 12pm & relieved by 4th Lincs. -hear of several casualties in out Batt. Details later. Bed 10pm, Guides etc returned 4am.
10th April. Up at 7 & breakfast 9. Nothing of note usual duties. Heavy gun and rifle fire all day and night. Bed 9.30.
11th April. Up at 6.30 & breakfast 9. Aeroplanes very busy-shelled in the afternoon but returned safely. Sang several hymns at night bed 10pm. Spy fired at by transport picket but got away.
12th April. Up at 6.45 & breakfast at 9. Nothing of note. Bed at 10pm.
13th April. Wakened up about 12.45 by rifle fire directed a Zepplin which dropped bombs on Bailleul. .Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.Had a bath in a biscuit tin in the afternoon. Battalion returned to the trenches. Get Lash for Mr Worley.Bed10.
14th April. Up at 7.30&breakfast at 9.Finished the yellow patches on Mr Worley’s & Lieut. Burnett’s coats The 4th Lincs QM Store and transport joined us in our billets. Heavy bombardment by artillery on our left(towards Ypres) for about an hour. Coy. S.M. Kerrick Wounded. Bed 10.30.
15th April. Up at 7&breakfast at 9.Splendid morning-large convoy of ambulance motors passed by to Bailleul. Aeroplanes busy scouting-bed 10
16th April. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 8.30. Nothing of note all day. Bed 9.30.
17th April. Up at 7 & breakfast at 9. Big move of artillery. Our men due out of trenches but ordered to stay in. Terrible bombardment by our artillery commenced 6.30-intervals of heavy rifle fire. Bed ready dressed 10.30.
18th April. Sunday.Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 9. (Parcel of cigs. from Belvoir) Much activity of aeroplanes especially at dusk. Our men leaving trenched tonight. Bed 10. Heavy firing.
19th April. Men reached billets about 2.30.Up at 7. German Taube passed over us and was heavily shelled.by our April.aircraft guns but got away. Too high up.Total casualties for the five days in trenches-Killed 3, wounded 12. Bed at 10.taube
20th April. Up at 8 breakfast at 9.Nothing of note all day. Bed 10pm. Heavy bombardment of our artillery and continual rifle fire all night. (ed. prelude to the 2nd battle of Ypres 22nd April 1915)messine
21st  April. Up at 7.30 breakfast at 8.30.General cleaning up for inspection of stores by the Colonel at 12am. Nothing of note all day. Bed at 10pm. Quiet all night.
22nd April. Up at 6.30 breakfast at 9.Heavy guns and the French 78’s very active most of the day. Battalion returned to the trenches tonight. Bed 10pm.
23rd April.Up at 7 breakfast at 8.30.Nothing of note all day. Heavy bombardment all night along with volleys of rifle fire, in direction of Messine.hill-60
24th April. Up at 6.45 & breakfast 9.Heavy rifle fire during the morning with occasional shots from heavy batteries. Bed 10pm. Heavy gun and rifle fire all night.
25th April. Sunday. Up at 8 & breakfast at 9. Beautiful day. Out all day with Q.M.S. with field glasses, Aeroplanes busy scouting. Bed 10 pm after singing a few hymns. Heavy bombardment all night.
26th April. UP AT 6.30 & breakfast at 9.Guns busy all day and terrible gun and rifle fire all night. Battalion leaving the trenches tonight. bed 10pm. Men arrived in billets about 1.30 .  Casualties 2  killed   wounded.
27th April. Up at 7 -breakfast 8.30. Bombardment still going on without a break- direction of Ypres. A German attempt to break through for Calais. Bed 10pm. Had a bit of tench fishing.
28th April. Up at 6.15 & breakfast at 7.30. Our hydroplanes were shelled heavily while scouting but returned safely.
30th April. Nothing of note for three days. Our Battn. returned to the trenches on 30th at 7.30 pm.Bed 10pm.
1st May. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 9.Very hot today. Germans shelled one of our aeroplanes(quite 50 shells) but failed to fetch it down. Firing quick all day. Long letter from wife.Bed 10.30.Major Martin slightly wounded. ( Ed. Maybe Major Martin of “C” Sqn. Leicestershire Yeomanry.)tweet-3
2nd May.Sunday. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 8.Usual duties-hymns at night. Bed 10pm.
3rd May. Up at 7 & breakfast at 7.30.Heavy gun fire each night.
4th May. German Tourbe escorted to Bailleul by 2 British aeroplanes. Bed at usual times. Tin of mints from Flo. (ed. Aunt)
5th May.-rain in morning. Battalion returned from trenches. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 8.30.Severe artillery duel in direction of Ypres. Last trench casualties -killed 1 wounded 6. Bed at 10pm. Called up at 12 pm & assisted to cut the meat up. 1st line of transport & Battalion had to stand ready to march off to reinforce Lincolns (4th) in case of attack. Bed again at 2am. No orders.
6th May. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 8.30. Nothing of note other than usual duties.
7th May. Afternoon of the 7th watched German shrapnel bursting on our right about 2 1/2 miles away. Heavy gun fire all night Parcel from wife
8th May.Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 9 at 7am our artillery commenced very heavy bombardment in direction of Ypres and continued until night. Bed 10 pm. Batt. in trenches.
9th May. Sunday Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 9. Artillery busy all day. About 5 o’clock a German Tourbe was shot (Heard of Lusitania being sunk). down by guns and an English aeroplane crashed to earth just in the English lines and front of S14 trench. Heavy rifle and artillery fire all evening and through the night.
10th May, Up at 6.30 & breakfast(boiled eggs) 8 o’clock. Received a divisional order to hold our line of trenches at all costs to keep enemy well occupied so that no troops can be withdrawn from our front to reinforce else where. Our aeroplanes very active in the evening but escaped the shells. Heavy firing all night.
11th May. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 8. News of heavy loss by 4th Leicesters. Trench mortared and then grenaded. Our aeroplanes very busy in the evening. Our men relieved by Stafford Regt. Bed 10pm. Heavy firing all night. Our casualties. Killed 2 wounded 14.
12th May. Up at 8,breakfast 9.Had blank shell (German) & empty shell case (French 75) given me. Very quiet all day–bed 10.
13th June. Up at 6.30 & breakfast 9. Heavy gun fire in direction of Armentieres but quiet ib our area. “A” company called out at 10.30 with ammunition & shovels loaded up assist the 4th Lincs.-part of their trench blown in by mortars. Bed 9.30.
14th May. Up at 7 o/c breakfast at 8.30.Nothing of note ,usual duties. B,C&D coys. went by motor buses to Hill 60 district for trench digging had 3 wounded. Bed usual. Batt. returned 6am.twitter-22
15th May. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 9. News of Leics. Yeomanry  heavy casualties. Major Martin’s brother killed. Heavy bombardment on our right. Bed 10 o/c.
16th May, Sunday. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.30.Bilious headache all day. Batt. returned to new trenches at 9.30. Bed 10.15.Church Parade conducted by Bishop of Petoria. (Ed. Bishop of Pretoria:- Michael Bolton Furse 1909-1920)
17th May.4am. Zepplin sighted over German lines travelling north. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.30.Capt. Chapman(shot in head) Lieut.Selwyn (shot through thighs) wounded during the night and Cpl. Trinckley wounded in seat. Had a bath and washing clothes after tea. Pte. Clarke killed in trenches. Heavy bombardment in direction of La Bassee all day and rifle fire all night. Bed 10pm.
18th May. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.30.Raining all day-usual duties-Bed 10pm. Parcel from me & letters from wife & mother
19th May. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 8. Still raining. Usual duties. Bed 10pm.
20th May. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.30.A trench of the 5th Lincs blown up by mine.-R.E. officer and 5 Lincolns killed–trench retaken. Bed 10. Heavy gun fire during night. Battalion returned from trenches.
21st May. Up at 7 & breakfast 8.30.Total casualties on last occupation of the trenches Killed 1 officer : 3 men, wounded ditto. Bed 10pm Heavy firing most of the night.
22nd May.Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.30.Very hot-heavy bombardment by our heavy batteries on our front from from 4 to 7 and followed by heavy rapid rifle fire. Bed 10pm. Parcel from Mother.
23rd May. Whit Sunday-Parcel from wife. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 8.30. Batt. Church Parade at 10.30.Taube over our lines in the evening but as too high for guns. Bed 10.No sleep most of night through heavy gun and rifle fire all night. In afternoon went up Locre Hill but except for seeing Ypres burning, was too hazy.
24 May-up at 5.45.Wakened by aircraft gun which apparently hit a Taube very hard as she seemed to drop very quickly. Breakfast 8. Usual duties- very hot all day. Aeroplanes very active- Taube shelled in the evening. Bed 10pm.
Very hot again. 25th May. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.Nasty cold in head and chest. Nothing of note only usual duties. Bed 10pm. Some aircraft passed over about 10.30 Nature unknown. 12pm a big barn where troops are billeted on fire-details later.
26th May. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 8.cold little better but head aches badly. Very hot again today. Sgt. Naden of Melton Mowbray killed in trenches. Daub again over our lines-heavy shelled without success. Bed 10pm.Very heavy gun & rifle fire all night long.
27th May. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8. Much cooler and dull today. Air pillow from Maggie McCourt today. Nothing unusual , Pte. Saddington  wounded . Bed 10. Total casualties Dead 3— Wounded 5.
28th May. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.30.Had boots soled and heeled–still cooler. Fairly quiet all along our front. Battalion relieved tonight. Bad 10.
29 May. Up at 7 &breakfast 8.30.warm again today. sent home 2 postal orders (£1each) in letter to wife. usual duties. Very quiet on our front.
30th May. Trinity Sunday. Capt. Chapman died of wounds in London. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 8.washed towel and handkerchief. Some of Kitcheners went in trenches with the Staffords for instruction. Had a walk with W.Cox-place was full of “Kitcheners”. Had some hymn singing in harmony in the evening. Bed 10pm.
31st  May. Up at 4am to locate artillery bombardment which commenced at day break was towards Messine. German Taube over our lines about 6am. over our lines about 6am was heavily shelled but got away. Went back to bed. Up again at 7 breakfast 8.Very warm again–Battalion and all billets inspected by Colonel Jones this morning. Satisfactory. Q.M’s staff paraded with respirators for instruction. Bed 10—bad headache.
1st (July) June. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.Feeling very seedy through having no rest. Have a walk over the farm to see the tobacco planting Very hot all day but very cold at night. Bed 10 pm.
2nd June. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 9.Feeling much better–very warm again. Persistent rumours of our division being replaced by “Kitcheners” and returned to England for munition working etc. and garrison duties. Battalion returned to trenches with 2 Company of  K.R.R.’s for instruction. Bed 10.
3rd June. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.Very hot again. Aeroplanes very busy all day. Heavy bombardment all day in direction of La Bassee and Armentieres. Bed 10pm.
4th June. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 8.30.Our trench headquarters shelled at Kemmel-Colonel of 4th Linc’s  (Jessop)  killed, Colonel Jones badly wounded & his guide (Blackham) and his servant (Baccus) both killed. Very hot all day-usual duties-Bed 10.
5th June. Up at 7.30 & breakfast at 8.30.Usual duties-fairly quiet all along the front. Bed 10pm.
6th June. Sunday. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.Very hot again and occasional shelling on front-artillery bombardment commenced in direction of Messines & Ypres at 6pm.-this ceased but started again towards La Bassee. Bed 12.30pm-bombardment still continues.
7th June, Up at 6.30 & breakfast 8.Had a cold bath-very hot all day. Heavy bombardment in direction of La Bassee & Armentieres. Sent a parcel of shells etc. to Mother. Bed 10 p.m.
8th June. Wife’s birthday. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8. Cycled into Baillieu with Q.M.S. Stimson. to buy several things for Q.M. Very hot. Bought birthday card for wife-cycle punctured. Had wine with Q.M.S.& Cl.Sgt.Collins. Rode back to Locre in timbered wagon-rough passage.
9th June. Up at 6.30 & breakfast 7.30.Washed shorts pants before wearing. Heavy thunder storm. Short period of our artillery fire on our front. Bed10 pm.
10th June. Up at 7 & breakfast 8.Wakened about 5.30 by heavy peals of thunder and rain-heavy rifle fire at day break. Cleared up about 7.30 but very heavy head. bed 10.
11th. June. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 7.Much cooler through rain during the night Received parcel with letter and writing pad from wife at Notts. Sharp artillery duel about 7pm on our front followed by heavy rifle fire. Bed 10.
12th June. Up at 6.30 & breakfast 7.30.Warm again. German aeroplane passed over us about 2.30 and was heavily shelled by aircraft guns-passed out–of sight followed by two of our planes. Was turned by aeroplanes & brought down by gun fire near Bailleul. Watched one driven- towards our guns in the evening and was damaged but landed in the German lines. Bed 10.30.
13th June. S.M.Small. Lieut. Vincent. CSM Palmer. Lieut. Knighton all left Bailleul at 7.30 pm for leave. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.30. Ordinary duties–nothing of note all day. Bed 10. Heavy gun fire.
14th June. Up at 7 & breakfast 8.30. Guns on our front continue bombardment. Warm again. Usual duties Bed 10.
15th June. Up at 6.30 & breakfast 7.30.Washed officer’s room   out. New spuds and green peas for Officer’s dinners. Had a bath after dinner and washed dirty cloths out. Mr Worley went up to the trenches with T.O. and had a warm reception. Two trenches of Notts  & Derby’s mined at Kemmell. Sat up for Mr Worley until 11.30–on his return 32,000 rounds of ammunition had to be sent up to Battalion. Bed 12.30.
16th June. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.30.Mistake made over Mr W’s pass-for 17th not 16th. Battn. left trenches tonight about 11pm.Bed 10.30.Casualties killed-0 wounded 4.
17 June. Up 7 & breakfast 8.30. Usual duties. All leave cancelled by General at 3.30 until further orders. Bed 10.Very heavy rifle fire all night.
18th June. German machine heavily shelled about 4.30 but think he got away. Up at 5am cooked dinner and then cycled into Bailleul for several articles for Q.M. & left note for T.O. as No.2 Coy. A.S.C. Had letter from wife at home. Warm all day but turned cold at night–Sent shell cases to Miss Mccourt. Bed 10.
19th June. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.30.Heavy rifle fire most of night. Mr Worley, Leut. Marsh,  C.Q.M. Sgt. Lovill and Hill left for leave to England Received parcel from Uncle George. Bed 10.
20th.June. Sunday. Up at 7.30 &breakfast 8.30.Packed Mr Worley’s kit ready for move. Reading “Dorothy Vernon” under shady tree all afternoon kept QMS. Simpson’s birthday (23)  in evening. W. Cox brought me a waterproof cape–gave him tin of cigs. Sang a few hymns at night. Bed 12.30.
21st  June. Up at 8.30 & breakfast 9. Loaded everything up on wagons for full parade and inspection  by General at 2.30. All unloaded again after tea. German plane shot down near Lindon Hook. News of French gains Arras and surrounding  of  German Army Corps. Bed 9 p.m.tweet-1
22nd June up at 8 & breakfast 8.30. Packed all my kit ready for moving off. Wagons reloaded in afternoon. Fell in at rear of transport with store bicycle at 8.15.Marched off at 9pm Passed through Locre & Outredom and bivouacked. outside village  ot inside wagon to sleep about 1.30 am & up again 3.30. No blankets– very cold.
23rd June. Had a cup of tea & bread- jam about 4am. & fried bacon at 7.30. No letter from my wife for 4 days. Sent a Field Service PC(post card).Read book & had a sleep in afternoon. Bed at 9pm in canvas shed with QMS etc.
24th June. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.Wached Belgium soldiers fell poplar trees on our ground. No letter again from home-tobacco pouch and letter from Mr A. All stores loaded and taken to new stores but through changed orders we have to fetch all back again. Helped to erect framework and canvas shed for perishable stores and sleeping for 7 of us. Bed 9pm.
25th June. Up at 7 & breakfast 7.30.Orders to move at 12.30 but only a short distance. New stores in an old draughty barn. Very heavy thunderstorm lasted almost all evening. Mr Worley returned. Mr Worley made application for my pass to the Adjutant for next party from pass bought me a pipe. He, Lieutenant Burnett & Pearson slept in the stores with the screen around them. Had letter from wife at last and one from home too. Bed 9.30pm. Very cold all night.
26th June, Up at 6.30 and breakfast. Put up a canvas roofed hut for Lieut. Worley & Burnett to sleep in. Put up Mr W’s bivouac for myself outside the stores. Bed 9.30.
27th June. Sunday. Up at 4.30 for bath before breakfast at 7.Showery every day-quiet on our front. Parcel from Mac. Sang a few hymns at night Bed 10pm. O.C company’s went up to trenches. Walked into Reningelst tonight.
28th June. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 7.30.Occasional showers. Very cold at night. Bed 9.30. Reinforcements of 95 men arrived today.
29th June. Up at 7 breakfast at 8. Helped to issue clothing from stores. Battn. left for trenches 5.30pm. Order for stores to move was cancelled so had to unpack all of Mr Worley’s kit. Raining very heavily at night so slept in the stores. Bed 10.30.
30th June. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8. Packed up all kit ready for moving to huts about 1 1/2 miles away between Ouderdom and Vlamertinge Arrived at huts about 3pm. Bed 9,30-heavy battery in our rear sent over several shells during the night. Sgt. Orton killed.
1st July. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.30. Nothing of note all day. Our batteries on our left firing heavily all the evening. Capt Beasley & Lieut. Marsh wounded by shrapnel but not seriously. Slept outside in bivouac and had a good night’s rest.