August 1914

August, September, October. 1914

Sir M. de Bunsen from military attaché for Director of Military Operations: July 31st 1914.11th-aug

General mobilization was ordered today for army, Landwehr, Honved and Landsturm.
5th Aug 1914. Order for mobilization Arrive Melton 10 am—Loughborough 1am.
11th Aug. 1914. Left Loughbrough 2 o’clock pm arr. Duffield 4.30 pm.
15th August. Left Duffield 7.30 pm arr.Derby 9pm. Slept in open without blanket and coat
August 16th:-  & left Derby  6 am on 16th arr. Luton 1.30 quartered in All Saints Mission Room on Warwick road.16th-aug 1914

17th -28th Aug. 1914. up at 6am -cut up meat by 9am-took fat for sale-Bed about 10-11.
29th Aug. Moved quarters to “Inglewood” Ashburnham Road.Breakfast 6.30 work 7 to 8.30 -disposed of fat.29th-aug 14 ashbourne rd

30th Aug. Breakfast 6.30-Cut up meat and disposed of fat and bones daily.
Aug 30th-Sept 3rd. moved meat quarters from Buxton Road Schools to Recreation ground, Ashburnham Road.
Sept 1st. Promoted full Corporal.
Sept. 4th. K&L Companys (non volunteers for Foreign service) sent back to Loughborough with under age men.
5th Sept. Usual routine of daily duties.
10th Sept. Made application for 48 hour “Pass”
11th Sept. Received “Pass”-Left Luton 10.44 arrived arrived Kettering 11.30 am. Left Kettering 11.50 arrived Notts 12.52.
Sept. 11th -16th. Duties as usual.
Sept. 17th. Troops paraded at Luton Hoo Park for inspection by King George-no inspection-rained all time.

sept 14 sutton

Sept. 18th Inoculated at Wardown Park by R.A.M.C. officer.
Sept. 18th. Inspection of troops at 9.30 by His Majesty King George in Luton Hoo Park.
Oct 6th. Went to Bridgeford and left for Bottesford at 2.43 pm. H.L. (ed.High Level) station. Arrived Bottesford  3.23pm.  Started cutting up at 4am for field cooking.Breakfast 7am. Left Luton on pass. 8.35 am arrived Nottingham 10.40.
Oct. 7th. Went with Father on Wednesday’s round in the cart.
8th Oct. Left Bottesford 6.30 p.m. and Nottm. 8.22. Arrived Luton at 8.25 p.m.


9-12th Oct. Duties as usual.
15th Oct—-Ditto—-Inoculation at 3pm–arm rather stiff and sore, bad head and side through effects of innoculation–off duty until 18th.
16th-22nd Oct. Ordinary Daily Duties.
23rd, Oct. Got up at 3.45 parade 4.45 in Dalton Road with full marching order en route Warden Hills rifle range.
23rd Oct . – fired course and returned 1 oclock cut up meat and left Luton 6.18 on pass- arr. Bottesford 10.32.
25th Oct. left Bottesford 4.30pm arr. Luton 10.32.
26th Oct. Fired Section of musketry Course at Wardown Hills Range. Returned 2 o’clock. Usual duties to finish day.
27th Oct -30th Oct. Usual duties.
31st Oct. Fired course of musketry at same Rifle Range and returned at 12 o’clock. Usual meat supply cut up.
1st -5th Nov. Duties as usual.
7th -11th Nov. Duties as usual.
13th Nov. Left Luton for pass to Bottesford arrived home 8.26 pm.
16th Nov.Called up at 12.45 a.m. and packed up all kite and loaded up all transport baggage-marched off at 10 a.m. Arrived at Ware (distance 28 miles) at 1.30 of the 17th.( had no sleep).16th-nov
17th Nov. Cut up meat issue and had a days rest. Got a billet at 6 Priory Road for the night- completely tired out.
18th Nov. Left Ware 8am and arrived at Bishop’s Stortford 1.30pm-both feet badly blistered. Billeted at the White Horse Hotel.  Cut up meat by 7.30 pm and went to bed about 10 o’clock- bad cough and cold.18th-nov18th-nov-2
19th Nov. Duties as usual.Moved billets to Half Moon Hotel.19th-nov
20 -26 Nov. Left Stortford about 3pm and arrived Sawbridgeworth about 4.30.20-26-nov
27th -30th November. Usual Duties- went to Church Sunday night- very fine Church
Dec.1st-18th. Ordinary duties-occasional visits to the cinema.1-18-dec
19th Dec. Usual duties. 2/3 rd Battalion left for firing at Luton.
20th December. As usual – got very bad cold.
21st Dec. Men returned from Luton- my cold and throat not so well-staying in a day or two- Doctor’s orders
22nd-24th Dec. My man cut up the meat issue. Doctor ordered me to keep indoors.
25th Dec. Breakfast off Pork pie 9.30 billet. Dinner at Mrs Woodgates etc. Tea Ditto.
26th-29th Dec.  Ordinary duties.Much better.
30th Dec. Q.M.S. home on Sick leave. Wagons packed- blankets & kits for Companies put in store rooms- taken out again in afternoon.
31st Dec. -taken away again in the afternoon. About 14 men per Coy. allowed home on pass. Entraining practice at Harlow station in the morning-all blankets(spare) and men’s kit stored as before.31st-dec
1st -8th Jan. 1915. Usual duties up to 4th.Ireland stores to do and Q.M.S. duties in stores & office.1-8-jan
9th Jan. Left for firing at Luton at 11am & arr.Luton 1p.m.-billeted at 20 Dallow Road.
10th. Jan.Sunday-no parades.
11th Jan. 1915. Firing and receive orders for Tuesday.
12th Jan.1915. Parade of Q.M.”s sfaff and Grooms at 7.45 am.and left Luton M. Rly 8.15 for Sawbridgeworth arr.11 pm.
13-14th Jan.1915. Officer duties on equipment ledgers &c.
15th Jan 1915. Left Sawbridgeworth 8.00 and arr. Liverpool St. 9. Metropolitan Rly. to Kings X. Left Kings X at 10am.
15th Jan.1915. arr. Grantham 12 noon. Left Grantham 12.40 and arr. Bottesford 12.59- Edith and Baby met me.
16th Jan,1915. Helped in the shop and went on the cart round.
17th Jan. 1915. Church in the morning and saw to the stock &c. -walk in the evening.
18th Jan. 1915. Fetched pig from Muston and tidied up garden at the Cot. Aired for extra day’s leave-granted.
19th Jan. 1915. Arrived London 8pm and Sawbridg’th. 10.30. Helped to joint pig and get side of pig ready for Mr Allcock. Took Edie and Babs for a walk and left on the 4.58 for London.
1st Feb. Day’s leave-went rabbiting but only caught two.-lost one ferret.
20th–31st Jan. 1915. Usual daily duties.
2nd Feb. Usual duties.
3rd Feb. General holidays for cup final at Stortford won by 1st Notts and Derby Rgt.
3rd-18th Feb. Usual office duties and supervision of meat issues.
19th Feb. Usual duties-inspection of N.M.Dio by his Majesty the King at Halesbury.19th-feb
20th Feb. Left Sawbridgeworth on Pass and arrived home 1 p.m.
22nd Feb. Left home 4 p.m. arrived Saw’worth 9 p.m.
23rd Feb. Busy with equipment to complete for moving off.
25th Feb. Left Sawbridgeworth at 10,30pm entrained at Harlow at 12.50. Arrived Southampon Docks at 6am.
26th Feb. left on the Duchess of Argyll at 10 pm.26th-feb