February, March 1915

26th Feb. left on the Duchess of Argyll at 10 pm.26th-feb
27th Feb. at Havre about 8.30am marched to rest camp (under canvas) and went to bed 9pm. Left Havre by train 7pm passed through St Omen at 1.30 and arrived at Armeke at 3.30.
March 1st. Marched 5 miles to Hardifort-Q.M.Stores billeted in the schools-bed 9.301st-march
2nd March. No parades-issued rations at 4p.m. bed at 9.30 p.m.- aeroplane passed over at about 8.30 a.m.
3rd March Left with transport at 5 p.m.-passed through Carsell where Leics Yeomanry were billeted also, through Caistre full of motor lorries & through Sylvestre-Cappele and arrived at Meteren at 12 p.m.- bed at 4p.m.
4th March. Slept on kitchen floor and got up at 6 a.m. Left Meteren at 12.30 and passed through Bailleul & Nieppe and arrived at Armentieres at 5.30. Heavy gun fire all night.4th-march
5th March. up about 7a.m.-our neighbourhood shelled all day-A Company’s quarters struck-enemy’s guns silenced-in 2 quarters by our guns- no gun fire heard tonight up to bed time- -very heavy firing by big guns all the night- A & C in trenches.3rd-march
6th March. up at 6.30 a.m.-heavy gun fire all around us-continued all day but no shells dropped near us, Lieut. Aked and Pte Porter killed and Cpl. Green and Pte Foster wounded. A&C return to billets and were relieved by B&C at 5.30 pm.6th-march
7th March. Sunday. Nothing of note-guns very quiet, B&D relieved by A&C tonight no casualties.
8th March.- usual duties very little gun fire today-A&C no more casualties. Preparations to move.
9th March. left Armentierres at 7.30 a.m. and passing through Bailleul, Duttensteene. we arrived at Strazule about 3p.m. billets very poor and scattered.
10th March. Arose at 7 a.m., breakfast at 8a.m. Saw meat issued at 10 a.m.-bed 10p.m.
11th March. up 7am.Left Strazeele at 2pm passing through Merris (shell passed through Church spire) and arrives at Sally at 12pm. Bed at 1pm. (ed. Battle of Neuve Chapelle).11th-march1
12th March. Rose at 6.30 & had catch breakfast about 7.30-usual duties-orders to move cancelled. Armoured-train gun (4.7) burst. No killed.
13th March. Up at 4.30-breakfast at 6am. Standing-by all day ready to move bed at 9pm. Gun fire heavy all day.13th-March1
14th March 1915. Sunday. Up at 7am-breakfast at 8am. Gun fire quiet to 3pm when heavy firing recommenced on our right. (La Bassee area) received cigs from home also first gift of tobacco and cigarettes from England. everything ready for an hours notice to move. Bed at 9.30 pm.
15th March. Up at 6 am-breakfast at 7-all kit packed & loaded to move at 11.15. Order Cancelled-bed 10pm.
16th March. Up at 6.30 & breakfast at 8am.-left Sailly at 10.30m and arrived at Cul-De-Sac (Estaires) about 12 noon. Food at Q.M’s. billett-sleep with Q.M.S. in bed at cottage near by Heavy gun fire all night in direction of Estaires -trenches about 5 miles away. Bilious attack-not much sleep.16th-march1
17th March. Stayed in bed until 11 a.m.-feeling better-received a letter and photo from Tom.(ed. sister-in-law). Bed 9.30 p.m.
18th March. Up at 7am.-breakfast at 8.30a.m.-kit &c loaded up-left Cul-De-Sac about 12.30, passing through Doulieu (suburb) about 2.30. Billeted at Farmhouse-bed at 10pm.
19th March. Up at 7am-breakfast 8.30. Preparing dinners all morning-snowing heavily all morning-bed 10pm.
20th March. up at 7am- breakfast at 8.30. Numerous aeroplanes over this morning – usual duties. Bed at 10.15.
21st March. First of Spring. Sunday. Up at 7.30-breakfast at 9am. Church Parade at 11.30. watched English aeroplane fly over German trenches-where it was shelled but it got away safely. A.Asher sent to Hazebrook hosp. with measles.
22nd March. Up at 6am-breakfast at 7.30. Received four fresh saddle horses. Watching aeroplanes through field glasses. German aero attempted our way but returned at sight of English aero. Cox (ed. son of Henry and Mary Cox.52 High Street Bottesford ) cycled over to see me Received cake etc from Mother-contents soon demolished-cake extra. Bed at 8.45.
23rd March. Up at 7am. Breakfast 8am.Inoculation of men who had not been done in England. Mr Worley rode to Merris with Interpreter. Bed 9.30pm.
24th March. Up at 7am. Breakfast at 8.30. Usual duties. Had a smoking concert in the back kitchen from 7 to 9. Bed 10pm.
25th March. Up at 6.30- breakfast at 8am. Usual duties. Nothing of note excepting ordinary duties. Received 2 tons cigarettes from J Price London. Bed at 10 p.m.
26th March. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.30- letter from hone–usual duties. Bed 9.30.
27th March. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.30.German aeroplane passed over us closed by 2 English-too high to watch the results had my first lesson in riding on Mr Worley’s horse for 1.5 hours with Gibbons. Usual duties- bed at 11pm.
28th March. Psalm Sunday. Up at 7.30-breakfast at 9.30.English aeroplane capsized close to our billets when coming down. -Machine slightly damaged but pilot unhurt. Usual duties. Received tobacco from Lincoln and letter from Mac. Bed 10 pm.
29th March. up at 7 & breakfast at 8.30.Aeroplanes busy scouting German trenches and were heavily shelled without result. A little sing song in office. Bed 10.30.
30th March. Up at 7.15 breakfast at 9.30.Received parcel soap(shaving) cigs and lighter from wife. Bishop of London preached at Oultersteeneat 6pm. Celebrated Shrove Tuesday by having pancakes for dinner-better late than never. Bed 10 pm.
31st March. Wakened up about 3.15am by our Bishop of L at Bailleul. Aeroplane bomb(German) which dropped about 500 yards from our billet-and fairly shook the building-no damage done.
1st April. Up at 7.30 and breakfast at 9am. Quite a sunny day and sun lovely. Aeroplanes very active all day. Went to Ballieul at 6pm with Q.M.S.-went in the service in the R.C. Church. Returned home about 9.Received soap from home and letter. Bed 10.