July, August, September 1916

1st July. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8.30. Nothing of note all day. Our batteries on our left firing heavily all the evening. Capt Beasley & Lieut. Marsh wounded by shrapnel but not seriously. Slept outside in bivouac and had a good night’s rest.
2nd July. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.30. Very hot all day. Heavy artillery fire all evening and night. Bed 10pm.
3rd July. Sunday. Up at 7 & breakfast 8.30.Cycled to Brigade R.E. dump to enquire about spraying solution & prescription glasses. Had a cool bath. Usual duties, Bed 10pm.
4th July. Up at 6 & had a cold bath before dressing. Breakfast 8 -heavy shelling by our artillery in answer to some of enemy’s guns. Very hot all day. Bed 10pm.
5th July. Up at 6.30 Breakfast 7.30.Much cooler today Made application for 200 fcs of my pay to take home. in case of leave. Battalion leaving trenches tonight. Total casualties in 6 days. Killed 7 — wounded 25.
6th July. Up at 6 & breakfast 8.Nothing of note all day–had cold bath after rest. Bed 9.30.
7th July. Up at 7 & breakfast at 8. Very windy and dusty. Heavy rain all afternoon and showers most of the night. Bed 10.
8th July. Up at 7 & breakfast 8.Trenches dug all round the huts for protection against shell fire. Enemy sent 7 shells over our huts in direction of right of Ouderdom but no change to us. Orders to turn out and get in trenches in the night on sounding of 3 G’s on the bugle-alarm for shell fire. Bed 9.30 in the stores through absence of Q.M.S. on leave.
9th July. Up at 5.45 and made tea for Mr W. Took him shaving water at 7 for him to draw rations at A.S.C. dump at 8. Issued clothing etc. to Coy. Q.M.S’s. Bed 9.30.
10th July. Up at 6.30-saw Mr W. off to the dump for rations. Breakfast 8. Issuing again all day up to tea-time. Produced list of all deficiencies required to complete the Battalion to Mr W. Bed 10pm–very tired. Heavy bombardment most of the night.
11th July. Up at 7-Mr W. went at 7.45 to ASC dump for rations-breakfast 8.Received quantity of clothing etc. from ordnance which we issued to companies. A&B coys went to baths at Popperinge-supposed to receive clean shirts in exchange for dirty ones but those received were “chatty”-had to issue new ones last thing at night. Very cold tonight. Bed 9.30.
12th July.Up at 6.30. QM went off to draw supplies. Cricket outfits received and issued to troops-had a good game in the evening. No letters for 4 days from my wife–2nd offence. Bed 9pm.
13th July. Up at 7.QM to draw ration again. Received another cricket outfit from Daily Express & also some boxes of preserved eatables and chocolate. Issued quantity of clothing etc to complete Company’s deficiencies list. Some shells dropping 3 fields away on our front. Had a game of cricket till dark-heavy bombardment started about 8 to the left of Ypres and lasted most of the night. Battalion returned to trenches.
14th July. Up at 7.15-breakfast after Mr W. went to the dump. Loaded company wagons with detailed stores & Officer’s kits. Q.M.S. back from leave. Heavy artillery fire in direction of Dicky Bush with volleys of rifle fire most of the night. Bed 10 p.m.
15th July. Up at 7.15-breakfast after Mr W. went to dump. Loaded company wagons with detailed stores & Officer’s kit’s. Q.M.S. back from leave. Heavy artillery fire in direction of Dicky-Bush with volleys of rifle fire most of the night.. Bed 10pm
16th July. Up at 7 & breakfast 8.Ord.duties.Played for Q.M.’s staff v. Transport. Now 53 against 35. Ind. scores 5 runs and took 5 wickets for 12 runs. Heavy rain most of the night. Bed 9 p.m.
17th July. Breakfast etc as usual-cold boiled bacon from England. Heavy rain almost all day. Battalion changed trenches but came back to billets for the night instead of bivouacking in the rain. Had two killed & 3 wounded– heavy sick role.
18th July. Sunday-usual duties after breakfast at 8.30. Fine again and Battn. returned to trenches near Sanctuary Wood (Ypres). Had about 50 men fall out going to trenches. Total sick role about 150. Bed 10.
19th July.After breakfast all sick were examined by M.O.(Col. Belvor ?) -11 ordered to trenches, 3 sentry & remainder to hospital & R.E. work -(several were recommended for England as unfit) German Taube over after dinner was shelled when over (pack and pony) was wounded in the head by bullet from one of the shells-one shell case buried itself in the roadway opposite the our billets-transport driver Store hut & was found after being dug up to be harmless. I picked up the nose cone of one. No letter from home for three days but one from Tom (Ed. Aunt). Bed 10pm.
20th July After breakfast I went to Bailleul with C.S.Collins to get medical stores & thread for tailor-landed back at 4.30. All stores moved tonight to new billets about 3/4 mile away. Bed 9.30.
21st July. Up at 6.30-packed all Mr W’s kit etc & my own-loaded up & landed at new billets about 10.30.Billeted on a farm for stores. Lieuts. Lawton, Wynne & Marriott arrived from England to join Batt. Lieut. Nagee. (M) also also joined 4th Lincs. Bed 10pm.
22nd July. Up at 7-usual duties-went to see Lieut. Nagee in afternoon-reserve officers went to trenches at night-rain all evening and night. Bed 11pm.
23rd July. Up at 7.30 – still stormy but brighter. Some ” aerial traces” burst in fields close to us but little damage was done. Bed 10 p.m – transport under rapid fire on return from trenches but only one horse hit. Our chaps exploded two mines under German trenches & they exploded one just in front of our trenches of B. Company. Several men buried but extent casualties not known at present. Killed 14 – Wounded 31.
24th July. Up at 6.30 & breakfast about 8. Still showery but fairly bright. Several shells passed over us which drove us into the dugouts- 0ne burst in the transport lines & killed 4th Leics. mule. Mr B. (Beasley?) sprained his ankle through jumping into the trench.
25th July. Sunday. Battalion returned from trenches.Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8. Usual duties. Sent two loads of loads to new billets and camped by H.A.C:-  transport also moved. Received order to move to late 5th Lincoln billets (huts) instead of H.A.C’s.
26th July. Up at 6.30. heavy storms all morning. Moved to Irish billets after dinner-been occupied by the 12th Manchester’s and left in very dirty state. Usual duties.
27th July. Up at 7–ordinary duties etc. applied for leave to Adjutant for week-end & was granted it.
28th July. Up at 6 & breakfast 7.30. Gave particulars to Gibbons to see to Mr Worley in my absence. Very heavy storm for about an hour but cleared up later-very windy. Bed 9.30.
29th July. Up at 6 & breakfast 7.30. Left huts in limber for Popperinghe at 11.30 a.m. with Sgts. Spencer, Ellis, & Franks for leave. Left by train at 1.45-changed at Hazebrooke arrived Boulogne 8 p.m. Boat left at 10 do. Folkestone 11.45 train do 1a.m.
30th July. do Victoria 3.30 a.m. – do Kings Cross 4.50 do. Grantham 7 a.m. –to. to. G. 7.35 to. Bottesford  7.45 – wife, baby ( Ed. Jefferey)  met me. Had wash & breakfast  & change of clothing & went to bed until 1 p.m. Took wife to Belvoir with some meat and Nellie came back with us to Capewells. Walked back up to Mr Allcocks after baby had gone to bed. Bed 10.30.
31st July. Up at 8 – helped Dad off with the cart and made Mrs H’s account out. Went to Notts with wife on the 1. 47 and returned 8.26- called at Bridgeford.  Bed 11 p.m.
1st August. Sunday. Up at 9.30 – took wife and sisters to church in morning and laid up the fields most of the afternoon.
2nd August. Raining almost all day – stopped us hay making and spoilt Gymkhana.
3rd August.  Went round friend to say goodbye in the morning. Left  Bottesford at 12.28, Grantham at 1.32, London Victoria at 6- boat left Folkestone at 8.30, train left Boulogne at 10.30 and arrived at Hazebrooke at 5 a.m. on the 4th.
4th August. left do. at 10 a.m. and arrived at Popperinghe 11.30 – billets at 1p.m. Showery all afternoon. Bed 9.30.
5th August. Up at 7 & breakfast 8. All pioneers and other extra men ordered to trenches so had to start cutting up meat again. Felt much more at home at my old work. Crochet in the evening – several shells dropped in Popperinghe. Bed 10.
6th August. Usual duties. Letter from wife. Bed early.
7th August. Up at 7 & breakfast 8.30. Showery most of the day. Usual duties.
8th August. Sunday. Up at 7.30. Nothing of note. Aeroplanes active all day. Small service in field conducted by Capt. Uffen while I was cutting up. Lovely day- not too warm. Bed 9.30.
9th August. Heavy artillery bombardment started about 2.30 by our guns in Hooge district followed up by infantry attack – resulted in retaking of three lines of trenches & capturing 1200 yards of new trenches. Very quiet rest of the day and very hot. Sgt. Thornton sent to hospital for treatment. Bed 9.30.
10th  August. Up at 7 & breakfast 8. Dull and misty in early morning but extra hot mid-day. Usual duties– A & D left trenches for Ypres barracks & B & C for Zillebecke Lake dugouts (Head Quarters). Bed 10
11th- 14th  August. Very hot again today. Usual duties. Heavy storm on 13th for most of afternoon. Bed usual times.
15th August. Usual duties. Divine Service conducted  by Cart. Uffen. ( N.C. Chaplain) at 11.45 whilst I was cutting up nearby. Stormy at times. Received parcel from Mac. Bed 9.30.
16th August. Reinforcement draft arrived about 12pm including Geeson and Briggs from home. Usual duties–aeroplanes very active. Bed 10 pm. Artillery and rifle fire most of night. Men changed. Back to the trenches.
17th August. Up about 7.20 & breakfast 8.30. Cut up by 12.30. Draft sent up to trenches at 3pm. German aeroplane chased by one of our planes  and was damaged by shell fire. Had a game of cricket in evening. Bed 9.30.
18th August. Up at 7.30 & breakfast 8.30. Usual duties-fairly warm- no rain. Cricket in evening. Bed 9.30. Heavy firing most of the night.
19th August. Up usual time & usual duties. Letter from wife, Tommy & Jeff. Much cooler today. Transport inspection in afternoon by Colonel of A.S.C.
20th August. Usual duties in the morning- played for Q.M.R’s X1 against 5 Lincs X1 but lost easily. Warm most of day but cool  in at night.
21st August. Nothing of note apart from usual duties. Walked over with Mr Cox tonight to see the Q.M.S. 5 Lincs — returned 9 o’clock. Bed 10pm. Pioneers returned from trenches. 25th Week.
22nd August. Sunday. Up at 6.45 and breakfast 8. Finished cutting up about 12.30. Church parade about 12.30 by Capt. Uffen accompanied by Brigade Band (?) Aeroplanes busy all afternoon keeping off German planes – aircraft shell case & fragments fell in our field. three loads of necessary kit etc sent up to Flamatinghe huts ready for battalion tonight.-left trenches about 10.30 p.m.-casualties 7 killed and about 55 wounded.- Parcel from wife at Notts.
23rd August. Usual duties-nothing of note. Very hot all day. News of a big navel victory by the Russians. Germans  lose 1 dreadnought, 3 cruisers, 7 destroyers & 4 transport boats full of troops. Bed 9.30. (Battle of the Gulf of Riga. 8th-19th August 1915 )
24th August. Very hot again-helped to put tarred felt roof on stores and erected lean to shed for rations. Received by consignment of clothing etc. from ordnance. Bed 10.
25th and 26th August. Usual duties-very hot again.
27th August. Cycled over to huts with Q.M.S. to see Sergeant Baun about meat. Saw the boys from home except Christmas-returned 9 p.m.
28th August. Very warm again. Mr Worley went on 7 days leave from Popperinghe 1.59. Packed his kit etc for Capt. Jefferies to have his tent. Battalion returned to trenches. Received tube helmets and M.G. belts chain from A.O.S.
29th August. Sunday. Much cooler today & dull. Cut up the meat by 12.30. Pioneers went to trenches excepting Pte. Bradshaw.  Received issue of beer and stout for diarrhoea patients in trenches. Started to rain about 4 pm and continued most of the night. Bed 9.30.
30th August. Usual Duties. Lieuts, Moss, Clay & Stoneham arrived from England. Rain Occasionally.
31st August. Meat now drawn with first issue-received to New Vicker’s Guns from 4th Lincs and sent up to trenches at night with beer and stout for M.O. Finished reading Lady Audley’s Secret. Bed 9. (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/8954/8954-h/8954-h.htm)200px-Vickers_machine_gun_crew_with_gas_masks
1st September. Wednesday. Up at 7 and breakfast 8. One load of officer’s kit and one load of stores sent off to billets in Ouderdom. Busy packing remaining stores for loading in morning. Bed 10.Ouderdom
2nd September. Up at 6 & breakfast 8.30 after loading up a wagon of stores. Cycled over to new billets & cut the meat up- returned to Busseboom. to see finish of loading. Heavy rain started about 3 o’clock. Finished all stores etc about 6. Very tired. Bed 10.30. Still raining. Christmas, Barrand, Geeson all three wounded.
3rd September. Up at 7-bad headache. Still raining and cold wind. Cut up meat- had Officers kits overlooked for Lieutenant Williams valise but it turned up at Leic huts. Bed 9.30.
4th September. Up at 6.15-feeling better-grand morning but heavy storm about 2pm. Officer’s kits unloaded for G.S. wagons to go to Ypres. Issued meat as usual. Set Mr Worley’s bed out after tea.  Wrote to my wife and to Billy Thornton at Boulogne. Heavy gun fire all night. Bed 9.30.
5th September. Sunday. Up at 7 breakfast 7.30–still storm rain.  Cut meat up as usual. Lt. Farmer and 3 men on leave today.
6-9th September. Ordinary duties-nothing of special note. Gunfire most nights. Batt. returned to trenches from dugouts on night of 8th. Warm each day-no rain. Draft of 50 men arrived 7.30 of the 9th from base at Rouen. Col. Jones also rejoined our unit earlier in the evening. Prepared for a hot late dinner at 8 o/c for Col. Jones Lieu. Worley, Burnett and Hill. Slept the draft in our barn. Bed 10.30.
10th September. Up at 6-kidneys, bacon and mushrooms for breakfast & Officers too. Cut up first issue of mutton & prepared dinner for Officers. Col. Jones & draft left in afternoon for trenches. Several German aeroplanes scouting over our billets and district during the day – all heavily shelled. Received parcel of cake & sweets from my wife. W.Cox called for tea. Bed 9.30
11th September. Nothing of note-usual duties.
12th September. Sunday. Very hot again but nothing more than the usual duties. Bed 9 p.m.
13th September. As usual.
14th September. Cut up meat as usual-packed up necessary kit for Mr Worley and self. Had early tea and left on limber for Dicky Bush huts. Slept in hut with S.Major Small-Battn. arrived from trenches about 1.30.dickybusch-2
15th September. Up at 7-after attending to Mr W. I left for stores in Ouderdom to cut meat up. Returned after dinner. Very hot again & pestered with flies. Bed 10 p.m-onions and cheese for supper.
16th September. Up at 7 & breakfast later. Cut up the meat at stores and brought back several deficiencies for Companies & in Lumbered G.S. Wagon. Went down again in ration wagons in afternoon for cycle and further items. Returned after tea and wrote to my Sister E. Bed 10
17th September. Usual duties. Aeroplanes very active all day. Bed 9.30.
18th September. Duties as usual-artillery fire most of the day and heavier during the night. Very little sleep all night.
19th September. Sunday. Got up very tired and with bad head. Duties as usual-stayed for dinner at stores & returned to huts about 2.30. Heavy firing all day again-one of our aeroplanes caused to descend near the Indian Encampment at Kruistraate but machine was well in hand. Very cold at night -bed 9.30
20th September. Usual duties – cycled down to Stores and cut up meat – returned and packed up Mr W’s kit. Took it down to stores on Limber and set it out in his room. Assisted to move stores over the way to barn. Battn. returned to trenches.
21st – 23rd September. Usual duties
24th September. As usual. “C” company heavily shelled in trenches having 6 killed and 23 wounded. 2 of wounded since died.
25th to 26th September. Duties as usual heavy bombardment still on from last night towards La Bassee. Sunday.- Raining all night. Lieut. Burnett promoted to Captain.
27th September. Battn. left trenches for dugouts at Kruistrante etc. Captn. Jeffries killed on his way out. Total casualties 12 killed 43 wounded.
28th September. Usual duties-had a ride in the afternoon round Dickebush huts etc. Raining very heavily all night. S.M. returned to us for a rest. Drank Capt. B’s promotion and health on Champaign. Draft of 40 arrived from base about 9.p.m.-raining all night. issued Rum to new arrivals.
29th September. Usual duties-rain most of the day. Assisted the Q.M.S. to issue deficiencies for Coys. in dug-outs in afternoon. Took inventory of and dispatched Capt. Jeffries  kit-Bed 10 p.m.
30th September. Usual duties-had letter from my wife to say I may re-engage for period of War. Put my kit in order ready for moving. German aeroplanes scouting over our billets but were driven off by shell fire-bed.
1st October. Friday. Usual duties-packing up stores etc. ready for removal. Battalion returned to Billets also – Bed 10.30.